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Aug 09

Sweetest Tips For Your Teen’s 16th Birthday Party

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Celebrating your teenager’s 16th birthday is a milestone and a highly anticipated occasion, not only for the teen, but for the parents as wellAs a parent, planning this eventful date can involve a lot of mixed emotions. There are lots of things to do and decide no matter how big or how small the party is.

Don’t fret because we’re here to help. Below are surefire tips on how to make a sweet 16 party a whole lot sweeter:

Set A Budget

Setting your budget blindly will spell disaster for the party. The right way to set a budget is to first have a picture in your mind about the party you plan to have. If you push through a budget that is clearly too small for the kind of party you want for your daughter, then you’ll just get disappointed.

You have to set your expectations with the budget that you plan to spend. That means sacrificing some things and settling for more affordable alternatives. There are two ways to work around the budget. Either lower your expectations to meet your budget or increase your budget to meet your expectations.

So before you set your budget, it is best to know how much it costs to achieve the party you plan to have. In that way, you’ll have a realistic budget for the party you want to have.

Choose The Date And Time

The date of the sweet 16 party can come before, after or exactly on your daughter’s 16th birthday. When choosing a date, consider the guests too. Having the party at night before a school day isn’t advisable.

You’d also want to consider special events and holidays. It’s not best to set the party on New Year’s Eve because many are also busy celebrating with their own families.

Pick A Theme

A theme is a great way to add fun to your party. You can show off the celebrator’s interest, hobbies or style with the theme you choose. You may even ask your guest to dress up according to the theme.

There are lots of themes to choose from. Some of the most popular once are princess themed, masquerade, candy theme, beach theme, and Hollywood theme. The theme could also revolve around colors like a black and pink theme, Tiffany blue theme, or gold and white theme.

Select The Party’s Location

If most of the guests live nearby, it is best to choose a local location to make it more convenient for them to attend. You can have the party at the local hotel ballrooms, parks, dance clubs, restaurants, or your backyard.

If you would like to have a destination party, you can. Not all may be able to attend so it would be great if you can provide a car service that can take them to and from the party destination.

Book The Entertainment

Liven up the party with some great entertainment. Avoid dull moments by hiring a live band or you can also play awesome music while the guests dine. Influence them to dance and enjoy with great lighting that goes well with the music.

A sweet 16 party is not only limited to music. There are also fun activities and surprises that everyone would enjoy. Also, don’t forget to squeeze in a cheesy moment when the celebrator or her parents can give a message.

A Limo For A Grand Entrance

The celebrator’s grand entrance is the moment when all eyes are on her. What better way to make the entrance grand than to arrive riding a limousine. Limousine services aren’t only limited to getting you to and from the airport, they are also available for special occasions like this.

Taste The Menu

If you decide to hire a caterer, it’s best to taste the menu first so that you can make sure that the guests will enjoy their food. On the other hand, you can also choose home-cooked meals for the party.

When choosing the food to be served, make sure to have finger foods so that the guests can easily mingle with others while eating. Don’t forget the cake and you can even add more cupcakes.

Decide On Party Favors

Another thing you should decide on is the party favor that guests get to take with them after the party. It can be an edible party favor or not. When choosing a party favor, make sure that it also goes well with the theme.

You can even have a photo booth where guests can take the photo home as a souvenir. Although there will certainly be a lot of selfies, a photo booth is where they can take wacky group photos with various props.