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limo during coronavirus
Sep 01

COVID-19 And How Limo Businesses Are Adapting

Limo Business Corner

It’s fair to say that all business and industries, from the service sector to manufacturing and everywhere in-between have been affected to some degree by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking first-hand, one of those hit hardest is the limo businesses of the world.

Typically used as transportation for entertainment, special occasions, or business travel, our limos are now sitting idle as call volume from these sources have essentially dried up with little relief in sight.

While the outlook is grim today, we are hopeful that slow improvements will materialize as the country and the world tries to claws back their respective economies.

When an upturn does happen, the limo industry may look a bit different than what is was in 2019. Here’s some of our thought on the subject…

Cut Down In Services

Usually, limo services are booked by various clients who don’t just need to be transferred from one point to another but also to have fun.

Limousines are great additions to weddings, parties, night outs, game nights, proms, club-hopping, and other leisurely activities.

However, limiting such social events has also lead to the decline of those booking limousine services for entertainment. 

Limo Services Are Still Available

Even if there is a pandemic, a lot of limo businesses are still accepting clients. Mostly, they pick up and drop off clients to and from the airport. Some clients also hired limousines for their personal use. What’s great about hiring a limousine service is that you don’t have to use transportation used by the public, which may feel a lot safer when it comes to the virus. 

Additionally, limo services are doing their part in the prevention of the spread of the virus. There are protocols being followed such as proper cleaning and disinfecting of the vehicle between each and every trip. Also, physical barriers between the driver and passenger may also be added to better ensure safety. 

All drivers or chauffeurs are checked and screened before allowing them to drive their passengers. Their temperatures are checked and they are required to wear protective gear like a mask while providing their services. 

In case a group of passengers is to be serviced, limo businesses could also suggest social distancing. The seats can be marked so that the passengers would stay apart all throughout the trip. 


Although the pandemic has affected the limo businesses, they are still here to provide their services. They have adapted and added necessary procedures to ensure the safety of not only their passengers but their employees as well.

Although there is a decline in the clients, many limo businesses are still looking forward to the growing number of clients as less strict protocols are being enforced by the government. Surely, in the future, limo businesses will once again flourish just like they did before the pandemic.