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Angry Customer At Car Service Dealership
Feb 03

What Do Limo Clients Hate?

Limo Business Corner

In order to not only survive but thrive in the limousine business, you have to have clients. Lots of them and those that are more likely to go for repeat services. Clients who market your limo business to their family, friends, and peers not because you wanted them to but because of the excellent service you’ve provided, even with this pandemic. It would be such a joy to have that kind of client.

If you ask most limousine owners, they will tell you that the key to a client’s heart is giving them what they want. However, we think that’s just half of the equation. Apart from giving them what they want, limousine businesses should also avoid giving them what they hate.

So what exactly do limousine clients hate? What are the things that they can’t simply tolerate? Below is a list of those things and a short explanation. Use this list to help improve your service to your limousine clients. 

Absence Of Professionalism

One of the things you should train your staff would be professionalism. Most, if not all clients will demand professionalism from you and everyone they encounter with the service you provide. You could make clients happy and have a wonderful experience but it doesn’t end there. If they feel attacked , mocked or undervalued ,they are likely to leave and never get your services again. 

In that light, it is always best to act professionally. Drivers and chauffeurs should be trained to be polite and punctual. Although some people love chatty chauffeurs some may not. It is best to limit personal conversations and to improve listening skills. 

Cancellations And Delays

Sometimes, it can be an honest mistake that you booked two clients to get the same service at the same time. If you call up your clients to cancel or to move their reserved services, they are likely to be disappointed. 

Some may tolerate such behavior at first but they will eventually hate it. It is your job to carefully check our bookings and make sure that the schedule is followed. Cancellation and delays will also negatively reflect your professionalism. 

Rude Chauffeurs

We all have our good days and bad days but as a chauffeur it is your job to make sure they don’t feel disrespected through your bad days. Treating people with respect is expected and should be done. There is no excuse for rude behavior.  

No matter how your bad day may get, no matter how tired you might feel, clients still expect chauffeur to provide the best service they can. That involves showing clients the respect that they deserve. 


Apart from cancelling or rescheduling the booking, clients also hate tardiness. They expect chauffeurs to come on time or even in advance. They absolutely don’t want to be kept waiting. Tardiness could ruin the whole event that the clients hired you for. Clients may miss out on special events or parts of the celebration due to a chauffeur’s tardiness. That is simply unacceptable behavior.

Low Flee Quality

The quality of your fleet also impacts the overall experience of your clients. Low quality fleets may be more affordable but they can also be a turnoff for clients. Limousine services are known to be expensive so they expect the best. 

Although that doesn’t mean you have to have the latest vehicles for your fleet, you should at least have a good selection of vehicles. They should also be well maintained and presentable. 

Limousine and Owner-Operator
Mar 28

How Your Limousine Business Can Survive In The Ride-Sharing Era

Limo Business Corner

As you’re probably well-aware as a limousine business owner, one of your top competitors now is the ride-sharing businesses.

And while they no-boubt taken some business from the limo industry, they’ve haven’t managed to elimiate the limousine businesses out of the transportation scene.

Luckily us limo business have got one thing they don’t have – CLASS!

For those limo services willing to put in the extra work, there’s a difinitive niche that we can take advantage of to survive and even prosper.

Here’s how WE do it…

Dressed To Impress

You’re most likely to find ride-sharing drivers wearing casual outfits. On the other hand, Limousine drivers like to present themselves in a professional way that’s why they dress up. Looking clean and formal they come pick you up dressed from head to toe.

Make sure your drivers look professional and are dressed in formal attire. People are most likely to hire a limousine for a special event so make them feel more special by letting them meet a well dressed driver.

Manners Matter

It’s not like those who drive a ride-sharing car have no manners but Limousine drivers are just trained to act more professionally. Limousine drivers will start with a courteous greeting then follow by opening the passenger door for their passengers.

This small gesture counts so make sure you train the drivers to do them for every passenger assigned to them. Having a driver open the door for you helps makes you feel more special and that’s the kind of service you’d expect from a limousine service.

Fight Fire With Fire

Ride-sharing companies work through an app to make them easily accessible to passengers. Similarly some limousine companies also have apps so they can easily be accessible.

Using the technology available today can help your limousine business survive and thrive in today’s world. Furthermore, it can even help you grow your limo business.