Church Transportation

Church Transportation San Antonio

Planning an outing with your church group?  Needless to say, it’s important you choose the vehicle and transportation to get you where you need to be.   Here at Top Shelf Limousine, we know that not every function is the same, so that’s why we offer a wide variety of vehicles to accommodate the size your specific worship group.  Our goal is to get you to your event on time, safely, and comfortably while you can concentrate on the event.

Whether it’s church transportation to a choir concert, a mission trip, or a retreat, count on Top Shelf Limousine to get the job done right.

Hire A Professional for Church Transportation

The downside to driving your congregation is substantial. When churches allow members to drive large vehicles without proper training, the group is put at risk. Driving large, unfamiliar vehicles is not safe. Should anything happen on the road not only do you risk injury, but your church can also be held liable.

Each trip is unique with different levels of participation, and no vehicle is suited to every occasion. The costs of ownership include regular care and maintenance, comprehensive insurance and don’t forget about fuel. Your church should be focused on worship and not vehicle upkeep.

Church Transportation To Fit Your Needs

Top Shelf Limousine has at their disposal a flexible fleet of vehicles to transport nearly any sized groups.  From Sedans, Executive Vans to our 55 passenger Motor Coach we can accommodate individuals or church transportation for your entire congregation!

Bus & Van Transportation

For your smaller groups, we offer a 13 passenger executive van. Often used for executive shuttling, this vehicle is perfect to take your group on ministry and community outreach trips. With plenty of space, you’ll stay comfortable all day and have more energy for the work you’re doing.

We also offer 23, 32 & 39 passenger Mini Buses. Perfect for longer trips, these mini buses feature TV, VCR, CD player, cloth interior and reclining seats. You can put your seat back for a nap or enjoy a movie. Either way, you’ll arrive refreshed and ready for your event. For a weekend retreat or a week at bible camp, you can choose from our mini bus options with rear luggage. You’ll have plenty of space for all the things you’ll need to bring for your trip.

Motor Coach

When you’re traveling with a very large group, Top Shelf ‘s 55 passenger motor coach is the way to go. For the best in travel, your large group will enjoy the luxury of our motor coach offering reclining seats, adjustable footrests, individual reading lights, restrooms, overhead racks for carry-on bags, climate-controlled air conditioning and heating, over-sized picture windows, and heavy duty shocks for a smooth ride.

Top Shelf for Church Transportation

There are many advantages to allowing Top Shelf Limousine to take the stress out of your event. If your choir group is traveling to perform, use the extra time to prepare for your performance. Shuttle your entire group to make sure everyone arrives at the event on time. Get your youth group to and from summer camp with no hassles and no worries. Whether you’re planning the event or just attending, the last thing you want to worry about is transportation.

Your congregation will appreciate the comfort and ease of traveling with Top Shelf Limos. In addition, we have weather-proof luggage compartments to keep all your items safe and audio/video equipment. You can use the PA system to make announcements or to say a group prayer before you hit the road. You’ll also be able to play inspiring music to get you members ready for your event.

Mission trips, retreats, seminars, camps, and more – if you need church transportation look to Top Shelf Limousines.