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Feb 03

What Do Limo Clients Hate?

Limo Business Corner

In order to not only survive but thrive in the limousine business, you have to have clients. Lots of them and those that are more likely to go for repeat services. Clients who market your limo business to their family, friends, and peers not because you wanted them to but because of the excellent service you’ve provided, even with this pandemic. It would be such a joy to have that kind of client.

If you ask most limousine owners, they will tell you that the key to a client’s heart is giving them what they want. However, we think that’s just half of the equation. Apart from giving them what they want, limousine businesses should also avoid giving them what they hate.

So what exactly do limousine clients hate? What are the things that they can’t simply tolerate? Below is a list of those things and a short explanation. Use this list to help improve your service to your limousine clients. 

Absence Of Professionalism

One of the things you should train your staff would be professionalism. Most, if not all clients will demand professionalism from you and everyone they encounter with the service you provide. You could make clients happy and have a wonderful experience but it doesn’t end there. If they feel attacked , mocked or undervalued ,they are likely to leave and never get your services again. 

In that light, it is always best to act professionally. Drivers and chauffeurs should be trained to be polite and punctual. Although some people love chatty chauffeurs some may not. It is best to limit personal conversations and to improve listening skills. 

Cancellations And Delays

Sometimes, it can be an honest mistake that you booked two clients to get the same service at the same time. If you call up your clients to cancel or to move their reserved services, they are likely to be disappointed. 

Some may tolerate such behavior at first but they will eventually hate it. It is your job to carefully check our bookings and make sure that the schedule is followed. Cancellation and delays will also negatively reflect your professionalism. 

Rude Chauffeurs

We all have our good days and bad days but as a chauffeur it is your job to make sure they don’t feel disrespected through your bad days. Treating people with respect is expected and should be done. There is no excuse for rude behavior.  

No matter how your bad day may get, no matter how tired you might feel, clients still expect chauffeur to provide the best service they can. That involves showing clients the respect that they deserve. 


Apart from cancelling or rescheduling the booking, clients also hate tardiness. They expect chauffeurs to come on time or even in advance. They absolutely don’t want to be kept waiting. Tardiness could ruin the whole event that the clients hired you for. Clients may miss out on special events or parts of the celebration due to a chauffeur’s tardiness. That is simply unacceptable behavior.

Low Flee Quality

The quality of your fleet also impacts the overall experience of your clients. Low quality fleets may be more affordable but they can also be a turnoff for clients. Limousine services are known to be expensive so they expect the best. 

Although that doesn’t mean you have to have the latest vehicles for your fleet, you should at least have a good selection of vehicles. They should also be well maintained and presentable. 

Jan 19

How To Put Together The Perfect Last-Minute Wedding

Special Occassions

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be a stressful task. There are so many things to consider, from the invitations to the cake, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry – even if you’re working on a tight timeline, there are still ways to pull off the perfect last-minute wedding. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start by deciding on your priorities

What is most important to you? The venue? The Limo? The food? The photographer? Narrow down your list based on what’s most important, and don’t worry about the smaller details until later.

Due to lack of ample time, it would be better to put your energy and time into the things that matter most to you. In that way, you’ll feel better about your wedding because you get to see and get what you want.

Create a timeline for your wedding

By listing out all of the events you want to happen before your big day, you’ll be able to come up with a time frame so you can figure out how much time to give yourself between each step. It should include things like when invitations go out when RSVPs are due back, and what sort of timeline your officiant requires. You should also plan things like setting up the venue, hiring vendors, and choosing the decor.

Start with your guest list

Once you’ve decided on your priorities, it’s time to think about who you want at your wedding. Will it be just family? Just friends? From there, you can start working on invitations. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, it may help to limit these lists or adjust them based on who’s attending or what they’ll bring for gifts. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed by long lists of people that might not show up anyway if things go according to plan!

If you keep all the things in mind while planning everything out for your wedding then surely now no one can stop you from having that perfect last-minute wedding!

Don’t wait until the last minute to book vendors

If you have your heart set on that perfect venue, don’t wait to book. Sometimes the best venues are booked months in advance – it’s better to choose a different venue than to experience disappointment on your big day.

When you can’t book in advance, it is best to check all your options and immediately book them before others do. Don’t just wish for someone to cancel their reservation on the venue you want to hire because it rarely happens.

Focus on what you can control

Don’t get so caught up with all the things that could go wrong that you forget about all of the things that will go right! Pick out your favorite photos from past weddings and focus on recreating those images for your own wedding.

If something seems to be out of your hands, just learn to let them be. Don’t waste your time worrying about them, especially if you really can’t do anything about them.

Book Your Limo

Do you want a hassle-free way to arrive at your wedding on time and in style? Hire a limo for the big day! Limousines are an attractive, luxurious way to get around town in style. It is perfect for a quinceñera and all other formal or informal events. There are many styles to choose from and you can select whatever suits your unique personality.

Pick your absolute favorite outfit

You’ll be spending a lot of time taking photos, which means you should definitely pick an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. You’re going to love looking at these photos for years to come.

Remember who is there to help you

It’s easy to forget how many people are there to help you through this time, but it is important not to forget. Think about the vendors that have helped you pick out all of your amazing wedding ideas or family members that have encouraged and supported you throughout this exciting process!

Don’t worry if things don’t go exactly as planned. Remember – they’re only plans! If something doesn’t work out quite right, just roll with it! It’s probably for the best anyway – you can always try something new next time. And remember: no matter what happens, seeing the smiling faces of all your loved ones will make everything perfect!

We hope these tips were helpful! Good luck planning your last-minute wedding.

limousine driver helps ensure safety
Oct 15

How Limousine Companies Are Ensuring Safety Of Their Passengers

Limo Services

Did you ever wish to ride a limousine at least once in your life? Do you plan to use it to go to church for your wedding or for a grand entrance at the hotel of your party? Most people do because it simply looks fun and it looks luxurious. Many would love to use it for special events in their lives.

However fun it looks, you should also consider it’s safety. Do you think limousines are safe? Although there are risks involved in riding a limo, limousine companies are doing their part to make the ride and their service safer for their clients. Here’s how they do that:

Bring Safety Gear

Like other drivers, limousine drivers also bring safety gear in the cars. This will greatly help them in case of emergency situations or incidents. Such safety gear would include change tools for the car, flares, jumper cables and of course–a first aid kit. 

Proper Training For Drivers

You don’t just get to drive a limousine when you know how to drive a car. Although controls are the same, it could be more challenging to drive and maneuver a long vehicle. That is why limousine drivers are trained and certified. 

They are trained to avoid distractions and be a defensive driver. They make sure they follow traffic rules and regulations. They know that the safety of the limousine ride greatly lies on them.

Proper Fleet Inspection And Maintenance

With proper fleet inspection and maintenance, the risks of the limousine having issues on the road are significantly lessened. It is essential for the limousine company to create a policy of checking any vehicle before putting it to use. The limousines should be inspected between rides to ensure it doesn’t accidentally break down. 

Apart from that, the limousine should also be properly maintained. Although they look luxurious and fancy, there are still some parts that could eventually be worn out due to use. To avoid costly repairs proper maintenance is the best choice. 

Educate Passengers On Safety Rules

Passengers could become very excited to party in a limousine. Although you can have tons of fun in the limo, limousine companies will still educate the passengers about the safety rules. These help make sure the passengers don’t get hurt just because of a simple mistake. 

Having a safety policy helps make sure of everyone’s safety. Drivers can call out passengers if they are not following the policy like wearing seatbelts while the vehicle is in motion.Passengers can still have loads of fun but safety should also be prioritized. 

Front view composition for quinceañera party on table
Feb 20

Getting Ready For A Quinceañera? Here’s Why You Should Hire A Limo Service

Special Occassions

A quinceanera is a very important event in a girl’s life. It isn’t only her 15th birthday but it also marks her passage from a girl to a woman.

It’s a BIG deals. So why not make this celebration more special and unforgettable by hiring a limo service?

What Is A Quinceañera?

If you’ve come to this post, chances are you already know what a Quinceanera is. But for the uninformated quinceanera is a celebration that is both a social and religious event. Literally meaning “15th Year” this rite of passage focuses on the importance of her family and the society in her life. Usually, it is celebrated by those who belong to the Latin communities anywhere in the world. 

It starts off with a mass where her family plus her godparents attend. After which, the party follows. This is where all her other friends and relatives are invited. It is a party of fun, food, dancing, and music. There may also be a programmed followed and symbolic actions done to signify the transition between childhood to womanhood. 

Reasons Why You Should Hire A Limo For A Quinceañera?

A limo service is a great addition to any celebration. In this case, it can help your daughter feel more magical and special. Aside from that, there are also other more practical reasons why you should choose a limo service and they are as follows:

A Stress-Free Transportation

A quincenera starts off with a mass in the church and from there, you’d have to go to the reception area. Taking your daughter to the reception can cause a whole lot of stress. There can be unexpected issues in the streets. You can get stuck in traffic or even get lost if you are having the party at a place you are not very familiar with. 

Plus, you also have to think about parking your car. If there isn’t a parking spot readily available for you or your guest, you can get stressed as the party may not officially start without you. You also wouldn’t want to miss any part of it just because you spend lots of time finding a place to park your car. 

Public transport or a cab from the church to the reception area is also an option. However, that too could bring you a lot of stress. What if you can’t find a cab or cabs for all your family and friends. You wouldn’t want the guests to wait for too long just because you can’t find a ride for the most important woman of the party.

Planning a quinceanera and making sure that it goes on smoothly is stressful enough. Let the limousine service take care of you so you can better relax and just focus on celebrating with your daughter. They’ll drive for you and that can help you relax a bit on the way.

More Comfortable Ride

Cramming everyone inside a car is never comfortable. The limousine is spacious enough to give your guest ample room to sit and stretch their legs. Plus your daughter, with her extravagant gown, wouldn’t be afraid of accidentally ripping it off due to not having enough space. 

Additionally, you won’t just have loads of space, you’ll also feel more comfortable with the luxurious seats. Limousines smell fresh and are cleaned and disinfected. 

Spacious Enough For Multiple People

With all the family and relatives who are attending the party, it is highly unlikely that you’ll fit in a single vehicle. However, with a limousine, you’d be able to fit a lot, if not all of them. This saves you a lot of stress from making sure that everyone has a ride to the reception area. They also help make sure all the important people arrive on time so that the fun can begin as planned. 

Enough Space For Everything

Aside from transporting people, you can also take advantage of using the limousine to transport everything you need from one place to another. Are there some last minute decorations that you need to transport? Is the cake already at the reception area or do you still need to pick it up? Also, with the limousine, you can make sure all her gifts can fit and be safely transported at home. 

Making Celebrations More Memorable

One way of making sure that your daughter’s quinceañera is unforgettable is to get a limousine service. She will forever remember that day and so will you plus the rest of the guests. You can make her grand entrance level up by letting everyone welcome her as she steps out of the limousine. She’ll really feel like she is a star even for just a day with the limousine. 

limo for church transport
Nov 11

Benefits Of Using Limo Service For Church Transport

Limo Services

Limousines are head turners and many believe that they are simply meant for special occasions and parties. However, that isn’t true. You can definitely hire a limousine service even when you don’t want the flashy or regal entrance. They are perfect for airport transport and church transport as well.

Sure many people hire limousine services to impress other people or to make a grand entrance. There is simply something about limousines that exudes elegance. Maybe it’s the length of the vehicle or the presence of a chauffeur. Nonetheless, there are still many benefits to using limo services for church transport. Such benefits are as follows:

Time And Money Savings

When people think about limousines, one of the first impressions is that it is expensive. Limousines cars are expensive but limousine services aren’t that expensive. You’d only be hiring them for a limited time so they won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, they can even save you some money. 

Let’s say you and your group of friends are attending an annual church gathering in celebration of something special. You may each take a cab and go to the venue or you can simply hire a limo and fit everyone in. You won’t need to hire multiple cabs just to get everyone with you. You can just decide to split the bill afterward. 

Additionally, limousine services also help save you time. Due to the larger capacity of the vehicle, you’d just need to wait for one car to take you where you need to go. If you are to try and get a cab, not all people can fit in one. Some people would be left behind and would have to wait for another cab to arrive or pass by. It’s great if there are plenty of cabs around but if it’s rush hour, then your company might be late for the church event. 

Reliable Service

Limousine transport provides professional services. You can count on them to arrive in a timely manner to pick you up. They’ve also already figured out the routes to take considering the presence of traffic, time of day, or if there are some roads that should be avoided. This helps make sure that you arrive where you have to go on time. 

Additionally, most of the chauffeur are locals so they have local knowledge about the area. In case an unforeseen event happens, they could easily find other routes and take alternate roads to take you to your destination. 

Less Stressful

Hiring a limousine for your church transport lessens the stress on you because you’d be sure that everyone is inside a single-vehicle. There is no need to call up other people and it is less likely for someone to be left. Additionally, you won’t have to stress out about driving or figuring out routes to take just to get to the event location. The chauffeur will be responsible for doing that for you so everyone can just sit back and relax. 

At this time, many people are also concerned with taking public transport due to the threat of the virus. Limousine services take precautions seriously. They disinfect vehicles completely to prevent the possible transmission of the virus. The chauffeur also wears protective gear. Riding a limousine for your church transport would be less stressful than taking public transport. 


Not all churchgoers belong to the young adult bracket. There are also kids and even elderly people. Riding in a limousine is simply more comfortable. It is spacious enough for multiple people and the seats are very comfy as well. There are even some additional amenities available. 

Final Words

Limousine services are great for church transportation. Listed above are among the many benefits of getting the service. Don’t be afraid of the price of their services. You can always ask for a quote and you may find that they are reasonably priced. Consider all the benefits you get and the price they offer versus other transportation methods and you will see that the price is worth it. 

limo during coronavirus
Sep 01

COVID-19 And How Limo Businesses Are Adapting

Limo Business Corner

It’s fair to say that all business and industries, from the service sector to manufacturing and everywhere in-between have been affected to some degree by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking first-hand, one of those hit hardest is the limo businesses of the world.

Typically used as transportation for entertainment, special occasions, or business travel, our limos are now sitting idle as call volume from these sources have essentially dried up with little relief in sight.

While the outlook is grim today, we are hopeful that slow improvements will materialize as the country and the world tries to claws back their respective economies.

When an upturn does happen, the limo industry may look a bit different than what is was in 2019. Here’s some of our thought on the subject…

Cut Down In Services

Usually, limo services are booked by various clients who don’t just need to be transferred from one point to another but also to have fun.

Limousines are great additions to weddings, parties, night outs, game nights, proms, club-hopping, and other leisurely activities.

However, limiting such social events has also lead to the decline of those booking limousine services for entertainment. 

Limo Services Are Still Available

Even if there is a pandemic, a lot of limo businesses are still accepting clients. Mostly, they pick up and drop off clients to and from the airport. Some clients also hired limousines for their personal use. What’s great about hiring a limousine service is that you don’t have to use transportation used by the public, which may feel a lot safer when it comes to the virus. 

Additionally, limo services are doing their part in the prevention of the spread of the virus. There are protocols being followed such as proper cleaning and disinfecting of the vehicle between each and every trip. Also, physical barriers between the driver and passenger may also be added to better ensure safety. 

All drivers or chauffeurs are checked and screened before allowing them to drive their passengers. Their temperatures are checked and they are required to wear protective gear like a mask while providing their services. 

In case a group of passengers is to be serviced, limo businesses could also suggest social distancing. The seats can be marked so that the passengers would stay apart all throughout the trip. 


Although the pandemic has affected the limo businesses, they are still here to provide their services. They have adapted and added necessary procedures to ensure the safety of not only their passengers but their employees as well.

Although there is a decline in the clients, many limo businesses are still looking forward to the growing number of clients as less strict protocols are being enforced by the government. Surely, in the future, limo businesses will once again flourish just like they did before the pandemic. 

limo for special occasions
Jun 16

Limos: The Go-To Ride For Special Occasions

Special Occassions

Riding a limousine just makes you feel good.

There is a sense of luxury and elegance when you ride such vehicles. Although most of us wish we can get to ride them every day, it is really not realistic for all people.

However, we can certainly make exceptions for special occasions in our lives. Many people also do and here are the most common special occasions when people hire a limousine:

Wedding Day

Weddings and elopements are the most common special occasions that Limousines are hired for. It is an occasion that would be remembered for decades and for many, it only happens once in their lifetime. It is a great way to drive yourself to the reception in style. Riding a limousine is also provides a grand entrance for the wedding ceremony. 

The best thing about it is having someone else drive for you. It gives a certain feeling of elegance that a chauffeur drives the limo and even opens the door for you. They can also be part of your wedding photos.

Some limousine companies even give a special package when you use their services for weddings. Some give a bottle of champagne and some strawberries as a sign of good wishes for your special day. 

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Aside from weddings, many limousine clients also hire this luxurious ride for bachelor or bachelorette parties. Limousines can be used to take you from one party to another. If you decide to go clubbing on the night of the party, you can hire the limousine for the night and they can take you to as many clubs as you’d like to go. 

The best thing about this is that everyone gets to fit and ride inside the limousine. Even if you drink a little bit too much, you won’t have to worry about driving any vehicle. Sometimes, parties can also be done inside the limousine itself. Some people just have the chauffeur drive them around the city while they party and have fun in the limousine. 

Prom Night

Prom night is a night to remember especially for those in their teenage years. It is the biggest night in high school and many would love to ride and arrive with an impact. A limousine is a perfect fit for this special occasion. 

Best of all, you don’t have to pay a lot to have your dreams of arriving in a limousine come true. You can simply gather your group of friends and decide to share the bill. That way, you and your friends can arrive in style in a limousine.

You can even hire the limo for the whole night so you and your friends can have a ride for the after-parties. You may even have the after-party in the limousine. 

Graduation Day

Graduation isn’t only a special day for the students but it is a day to celebrate for parents too. Limousine rides will simply make you feel extra special. The limousine can take you, your family as well as your friends to the reception of your graduation party. What a great way to celebrate. 

A Special Holiday

Holidays may mean no work for some people but there are many limousine companies that are hired for such days. Some of them would include New Year’s Eve. Parties to welcome the new year are abundant at New Year’s eve and if you find yourself in need to go from one party to another in style, hiring a limousine will certainly do the trick. 

Another holiday to hire limousines is Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to surprise or impress your date, hiring a limousine as your ride will surely have an impact.

To start with your elegant dinner date, you can pick your date up in a limousine. It is certainly spontaneous and a surprise. Plus, even if there’s a lot of traffic, you and your date wouldn’t really mind as you enjoy riding the limousine.

Family Vacation Time

Visiting a new city can bring excitement to the whole family. Better enjoy your time during your vacation by visiting different must-see sites while riding a limousine. The limousine can certainly fit the whole family plus you don’t have to drive around the new city and get lost. The chauffeur can navigate for you and wait for you until you finish one attraction after the other. As a bonus, the local driver can even recommend places to see. 

An Anniversary

Are you celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary? Any momentous milestone in the married life is a cause for celebration. You and the family can certainly celebrate with an evening out or a day trip around town on a limousine.

You may even decide to watch a sporting event or a concert that you both enjoy. A limousine will just make things extra special. You can even set-up a day in the limousine riding to the important places in your relationship. This can help you reminisce about the years you’ve shared together. 

woman in limo
Feb 20

Why You Should Hire A Limo For Airport Transport

Limo Services

There’s a saying that goes, you should never mix business with pleasure. However, having the pleasure to ride a limo for your business trip may be the best route to take. A limo service doesn’t just provide pleasure, it is also a very efficient and reliable way to travel. That’s the reason why more and more people are getting a limo service for various reasons.

Whether you are here for business or for vacation, you’ll certainly benefit well when you hire a limo for airport transport. Here are the reasons why:

Safety And Peace Of Mind

Whether you’ve already been here or it’s your first time, your safety should always be a priority. You’d want to return back home safe and sound. With limo services, a professional chauffeur takes you to where you need to go. With the combination of their experience and knowledge, you can rest easy and have peace of mind while you travel. 

Limo services are considered luxurious. That’s also the reason why the chauffers are carefully screened. Companies won’t just get anyone who can drive. They still need to pass background checks as well. 

Local Driver Knowledge

When you get a limo service, you also tap into the local diver knowledge. Drivers who are local are more familiar with the routes, conditions of the roads, alternative ways as well as problems that arise due to different factors affecting the locality. 

Local driver knowledge is very important because it helps get you to where you are supposed to go on time. They are more reliable in making sure you don’t miss your flight. Also, the chances of getting lost are almost non-existent or very minimal. 

Fixed Price

Have you ever experienced using ridesharing companies at peak hours? Then you’ll know about the surge pricing that they have. It’s understandable that the demand during those times is high but it can still be heartbreaking to discover how much you’d have to pay for their service due to the surge pricing.

With limo services, the fees you need to pay are constant and fixed. It is very possible that the amount you pay for is more expensive than taking a cab but do take note that you’ll be riding a luxurious limo with this service. The great thing about limo services is that you can prepare for the fee you are to pay in advance. You don’t get surprised with the fare you need to pay because it has already been laid out to you. 

Impeccable Experience

Many consider a limo service for airport transport as luxurious and it is. Not only in terms of the vehicle you are riding but also the experience. A chauffeur will wait for you and greet you at the airport. There is just something that feels good when a friendly face gives you a welcome after a tiring flight.

Also, the comfort level that a limo provides can re-energize you. If you are here for a business meeting or a corporate event, the ride from the airport to your hotel or meeting place may be enough to make you feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead. You can certainly stretch your legs comfortably inside a limo to relax.

Parking Isn’t A Problem

Finding a parking spot can be a problem if you bring your vehicle to the airport. Also, you need to remember where you parked after coming back several days after your trip. This can be a tiring and frustrating experience. Save yourself the headache and hire a limo service instead. 

Final Words

Limo service for airport transport isn’t just for luxury and pleasure. There are many benefits you get out of it. There’s ensuring your safety, reaching your destination, paying a fixed price for the service, having a good experience and avoiding parking problems. All these will eventually lead you to have a better experience whether your here for business or pleasure. 

success checklist
Nov 27

Checklist To A Successful Limo Business

Limo Business Corner

Most people will equate the word “limousine” to luxury. And why not, riding in one makes you feel indulgent and extravagant.

Such a luxurious service is indeed demanding for limousine business owners. This is because you have to deliver a taxi service and include the utmost comfort with it.

Through those challenges, a limousine business can still stay afloat and thrive in the market.

There are just a few things to keep in mind for a successful limo business…

Reliable Drivers

As for a business that offers luxury taxi service, you should make sure that you also have reliable drivers. They meet clients face to face so they should make a good impression. Don’t just hire anyone who can drive, but screen your drivers and find those who have experience and a great attitude. 

Training Program For Drivers

Even if you hire experienced limousine drivers, you should still make sure that you have a training program for them. This is to make sure that they do their job as you wish them to do and not as they used to do with their previous company. Training will also help them stay on track with your goals.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is also a very important part of your service. Make sure you have insurance even before you serve your first customer. Get a full insurance coverage so that you’ll be prepared in case any accident or incident occurs. 

Limo Software

Limo software will help improve your service. It can help you dispatch limousines, track your employees, create routes, create customer invoices and many others.

Regular Audits

The only way to figure out if you are making profits or losses is to do regular audits. Don’t lose track and schedule annual audits. There are even some apps and software that make audits easier.

Connection With Clients

A successful business doesn’t only have one-time clients. They have repeat clients and this is because of the connection with them. You already have their contact and you are already connected with them so make that connection more lively. The simplest way to do this is through social media platforms.

Marketing Strategy

Whether you plan a traditional marketing plan or something more digital, a marketing strategy is essential to any business. It introduces you to possible clients and makes you more accessible to the public. Creating a website is a great idea because you’ll be easily searchable online.

Properly Maintained Vehicles

Proper maintenance should always be done to your limousines. They are expensive and considered as an investment so you should know how to take care of them. Solving a minor problem with those vehicles early on can prevent you from further repair costs. 

Keep Up With The Trends

Trends in the limousine business do exist and you should be able to keep up with them. Do your research and look at what others are doing that’s working. Some may invest in new technology or vehicles.

sweet 16 party
Aug 09

Sweetest Tips For Your Teen’s 16th Birthday Party

Special Occassions

Celebrating your teenager’s 16th birthday is a milestone and a highly anticipated occasion, not only for the teen, but for the parents as wellAs a parent, planning this eventful date can involve a lot of mixed emotions. There are lots of things to do and decide no matter how big or how small the party is.

Don’t fret because we’re here to help. Below are surefire tips on how to make a sweet 16 party a whole lot sweeter:

Set A Budget

Setting your budget blindly will spell disaster for the party. The right way to set a budget is to first have a picture in your mind about the party you plan to have. If you push through a budget that is clearly too small for the kind of party you want for your daughter, then you’ll just get disappointed.

You have to set your expectations with the budget that you plan to spend. That means sacrificing some things and settling for more affordable alternatives. There are two ways to work around the budget. Either lower your expectations to meet your budget or increase your budget to meet your expectations.

So before you set your budget, it is best to know how much it costs to achieve the party you plan to have. In that way, you’ll have a realistic budget for the party you want to have.

Choose The Date And Time

The date of the sweet 16 party can come before, after or exactly on your daughter’s 16th birthday. When choosing a date, consider the guests too. Having the party at night before a school day isn’t advisable.

You’d also want to consider special events and holidays. It’s not best to set the party on New Year’s Eve because many are also busy celebrating with their own families.

Pick A Theme

A theme is a great way to add fun to your party. You can show off the celebrator’s interest, hobbies or style with the theme you choose. You may even ask your guest to dress up according to the theme.

There are lots of themes to choose from. Some of the most popular once are princess themed, masquerade, candy theme, beach theme, and Hollywood theme. The theme could also revolve around colors like a black and pink theme, Tiffany blue theme, or gold and white theme.

Select The Party’s Location

If most of the guests live nearby, it is best to choose a local location to make it more convenient for them to attend. You can have the party at the local hotel ballrooms, parks, dance clubs, restaurants, or your backyard.

If you would like to have a destination party, you can. Not all may be able to attend so it would be great if you can provide a car service that can take them to and from the party destination.

Book The Entertainment

Liven up the party with some great entertainment. Avoid dull moments by hiring a live band or you can also play awesome music while the guests dine. Influence them to dance and enjoy with great lighting that goes well with the music.

A sweet 16 party is not only limited to music. There are also fun activities and surprises that everyone would enjoy. Also, don’t forget to squeeze in a cheesy moment when the celebrator or her parents can give a message.

A Limo For A Grand Entrance

The celebrator’s grand entrance is the moment when all eyes are on her. What better way to make the entrance grand than to arrive riding a limousine. Limousine services aren’t only limited to getting you to and from the airport, they are also available for special occasions like this.

Taste The Menu

If you decide to hire a caterer, it’s best to taste the menu first so that you can make sure that the guests will enjoy their food. On the other hand, you can also choose home-cooked meals for the party.

When choosing the food to be served, make sure to have finger foods so that the guests can easily mingle with others while eating. Don’t forget the cake and you can even add more cupcakes.

Decide On Party Favors

Another thing you should decide on is the party favor that guests get to take with them after the party. It can be an edible party favor or not. When choosing a party favor, make sure that it also goes well with the theme.

You can even have a photo booth where guests can take the photo home as a souvenir. Although there will certainly be a lot of selfies, a photo booth is where they can take wacky group photos with various props.